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Ramen Row!

Is there a Ramen War shaping up on 5th Street between Avenue A & B?  In one corner we have the reigning Champ, Minca Ramen Factory & in the other we have a newcomer, Kuboya Ramen (in the old Le Gamin space).  I’m glad to see that something is going into this address, but do […]

Breaking; Satsko’s serving up Pork Ramen!

Ok, so it’s not really ‘Breaking News’ because I’ve been hearing it along the grapevine for a week & have even seen a Facebook status update or two regarding this matter, but Sake Bar Satsko (202 East 7th St. Previously reviewed here) will be offering up Pork Ramen Specials on the nights that owner, Sastsko […]

Rai Rai Ken

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time then you’ll know that I’m a sucker for good Ramen which is why I love Rai Rai Ken so much.  The place is tiny & immediately reminds me of the noodle bar from Blade Runner.  It’s basically a long service bar with stools (really […]

Kambi Ramen House

I’m a really big fan of Minca on 5th street, so I was excited to check out their ‘sister-restaurant’ Kambi (351 14th Street at 1st Avenue).  It’s pretty much the same as Minca, but much larger & with a more open feel.  You have a bit more elbow room here, which is a plus.  We […]

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