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What’s going on at East Village Cheese?

I went to East Village Cheese (review here) a few days ago to stock up on a few staples & I can’t help but think that something has changed there. A few staples that myself & other family members buy (Boursin & Saga blue cheese, both running at an insanely cheap $1.50 for 8oz.) are […]

Guess who feels like a Jackass right now

You guessed right; ME.  Coming back home on Thursday night I wasn’t feeling so well.  I had just finished school at The French Culinary Institute/Interntional Culinary Center (whatever you want to call it) & had an amazing 5 course meal downstairs at L’ecole (review to follow).  I have no idea what the heck was going […]

Site News

You may have noticed the lack of posts recently, but I’ve been in the process from moving from the WordPress.com platform, to the self-hosted WordPress.org.  This will allow me to use Javascript, add videos & use other, more robust features.  All in all, this should improve the experience here at East Village Eats.  Hopefully I’ll […]

Luke’s Lobster Makes People Go Batsh*t

Addiction, it’s not just for crack anymore (sorry Pookie). Thanks to the miracle of the Internets & Twitter I just heard about a Craigslist Post today from a guy who snapped because he hadn’t had his Luke’s Lobster Roll yet. Titled; “To the lass walking her dog” the post reads; I just want to apologize […]

To my father…

It being the day before Father’s Day & all that, I feel the need to thank the guy that got me really interested in food; My Dad, Andre-Pascal.  My fondest childhood memories were always either in the kitchen or at the dinner table where our family spent most of our time.  Growing up in NYC […]

Sushi Popper!

Let it be known that I love food in all shapes & forms but through the miracle of Twitter, I stumbled upon an abomination; Sushi Popper!  I’m all for food on a stick; Lollipops, Popsicles, Meat, etc. but Sushi, NO THANKS!  This is just a little bit too odd!  With four (*barf*) delicious flavors; California […]


Ever wonder what happens to the cork after you pop a bottle of wine?  Odds are it’ll end up in a landfill along with the 13 billion other corks popped annually around the globe.  Amorim, the world’s largest manufacturer of natural cork bottle stops is hoping to put an end to this waste.  In 2008 […]

Felix Ortiz vs Salt

Assemblyman Felix Ortiz (or as I like to call him; That Raving Lunatic) is proposing legislation that will ban the use of salt in New York restaurants.  Offenders could be fined up to $1,000 for the merest hint of Sodium Chloride.  Americans consume 50% more salt than the daily recommended amount, with most of that […]

EZ Cracker?!?

I don’t know which genius thought this useless thing up, but for $19.95 you can get yourself an EZ Cracker (& the EZ Scrambler for FREE!  a $20 value!)!  It’ll probably not fit into your kitchen drawer, be impossible to clean & only get used once as a novelty.  I bet that it’s a clusterfuck […]

Stromboli Pizza Addition

Much beloved Stromboli Pizza’s (83 St. Marks Place @ 1st Avenue) hideous shitbox addition is apparently open for business.  I don’t mind the pizza there, but you couldn’t pay me to sit in that plywood tinderbox… Further pictures & coverage via Evgrieve. Update (4/11/10); The addition looks a bit less shitty now with signage & coverings.  I […]

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