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Luke’s Lobster

Posted on | January 9, 2010 | 6 Comments

Blink & you’ll miss this little whole in the wall.  Luke’s Lobster (93 East 7th Street @1st Avenue) is nestled in-between the two Caracas Arepas restaurants on the north side of the street.  They’ve been getting a lot of press (word of mouth, the blogosphere, the trail of lobster shells leading down 7th Street) lately & I’ve passed the place hundreds of times, but it wasn’t until I saw the Lobster Bisque sign outside that I decided I just had to stop in.  It’s a small space, with a u-shaped bar to eat at & about 8 or so stools.  Anyways, my brother & I popped in there in the early evening.  The place was empty, so we took our time to look through the menu.

I already knew that I was getting the bisque, so that was a moot point.  Now I’ve made bisque for my dinner club (Thursday Club NYC), but I’ve never had anything quite like this.  The bisque was so rich & flavorful & packed to the gills with morsels of lobster meat.  The oyster crackers provided a nice little crunch as well.  I was totally blown away by this soup.  I ordered a small ($7.50 for 12 oz. & worth every penny) but I can see a lot more of this soup in my immediate future (the $9 16 oz.)!

Stefan ordered the Shrimp & Corn Chowder ($5.50, 12 oz.) which was not as rich or thick as my bisque, but no less tasty.  Stefan also got the Regular sized crab roll as part of his ‘Seafood Schooner’ meal; $11 included a full crab roll, pickle, chips & drink.  He ended up putting a bit of mayo & some of Luke’s ‘secret seasoning’ (from a really awesome lobster claw shaker) on his roll for added flavor.  I tried it & thought it was very good.  The crab was obviously very fresh & you could tell with every bite.

Rather foolishly, I opted for the small Lobster Roll.  It’s roughly half the size of the regular roll & goes for $8.  This thing had barely hit the paper plate before it was down my piehole.  (I’m getting the regular next time, or maybe just the Lobster Schooner).  The roll was incredibly tasty & I loved the fact that it was mainly meat from the claw which I always find to be sweeter & more tasty.  The roll was ‘uncluttered’ by mayo & other condiments, but I feel like a schmuck for getting the small.

The guys at Luke’s obviously believe in their seafood & let it speak for itself.  The only thing missing was a beer or 3 (we drank Maine Root drinks.  I had orange, Stefan had blueberry) to wash down the delicious seafood.  I was able to sign the petition for a liquor license that they have by the cash register.  Not sure when their date with Community Board 3 is, but rest assured that I have my fingers crossed. Good seafood, good times.  I plan on trying the Haddock Chowder next.  Maybe tomorrow for lunch?

Update: I’ve been coming back here quite often & recently tried the Empress Crab Claws.  Served simply with sauce, these were really good an a bargain at 4 for $5.

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