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Singa’s Famous Pizza (Closed)

Posted on | February 12, 2010 | 2 Comments

Regular readers of my blog (yes, both of you…) will know that I’ve been watching the Singas space (94 Avenue C @ 6th Street) quite closely. Well, finally they’ve opened! I stopped by Singas today (formerly at 2nd Avenue) to try the pie out. Let me start by letting you know that this place is NOT for NYC-style pie purists. Singas have their own thing going on entirely.

Firstly, they don’t sell slices, all they do are 10″ pies (giving you 8 very small slices) & they are made to order. Secondly & most importantly is the style of pizza. It’s not quite deep dish, but along those lines. The dough is more like bread (think a french baguette).  Basically, imagine if a NY & a Deep Dish pie had a bastard child…

I really wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but I really enjoyed the sausage pie I got. The sauce is kind of sweet & my only real gripe was that there wasn’t enough cheese on it. The cheese & the sauce really didn’t ‘mesh well’ together & tended to slide around on the slice a lot, I spent a lot of time stacking the cheese back onto my pie.  I did, however, really like the faint olive oil taste that was present on the bottom of the crust, a really nice touch.

You can tell that they are just getting things going, the beverage cabinet was pretty much empty (one of their employees came waddling in later carrying 3 cases of Coke, etc from the nearby Associated Supermarket) & the owners were there sampling the pies (they too agreed that they needed more cheese) & ordering promotional supplies.  There are a few tables (which are insanely cramped), so I recommend take out or delivery.  All in all, a nice departure from your typical NY slice; not groundbreaking, but I’ll be going back to Singas.

Update: Closed.
Update: Now Bobwhite Counter.
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