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Nam Son Vietnamese Restaurant

Posted on | September 13, 2011 | No Comments

Nam Son Vietnamese RestaurantI don’t eat in Chinatown very often & when I do, it’s normally at a Chinese restaurant, but I’ve passed Nam Son so many times while shopping around Grand Street that I decided to finally give it a go.  I’ve been to Vietnam once & admit that I don’t know much about the cuisine.  I’ve had Pho (perhaps what Vietnam is best known for) several times, so I was excited to see what else they had on offer.

The space is pretty typical of restaurants in Chinatown.  It’s large & sparsely decorated with an extensive, varied menu.  Our waiter was more than happy to help us figure out what to order so here’s the rundown of the food we got:

Beef Pho at Nam Son Vietnamese RestaurantBeef Pho
The classic Vietnamese noodle dish, thin slices of  beef over rice noodles with the light broth.  I’m no expert of Pho, but this was pretty damn good.  It came with mint, bean sprouts & lemon.

They serve about 20 variations of Pho using other meats.

Fried Soft Shell Crab
Flavorful, crispy, delicious.  Deep fried battered crab with onions & scallion.  It was good, but might have benefitted with some sort of sauce.

Frog Curry
This is most likely a throwback to Vietnam’s history as a French colony, I’m not sure why I ordered this dish, I guess I was feeling adventurous.  I’ve had similar curries at other restaurants but the frog legs were really chewy & not appetizing at all.  The curry broth was tasty though, but this was the most disappointing dish of the entire meal.  In the future I’ll stay away from this one.

Frog Curry at Nam Son Vietnamese RestaurantOverall, the meal was good.  I messed up with my choice, but I will be going back to Nam Son.

Nam Son Vietnamese Restaurant: Grand Street between Bowery & Chrystie St.
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