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J. B. Prince

Posted on | February 21, 2012 | No Comments

Knives @ J. B. Prince CompanyMost chefs swear by their knives & recently a  close friend was looking for a new chef’s knife for his girlfriend.  Initially I suggested Broadway Pandhandler, but chef Steven Reese threw J B Prince into the mix. I had never been there or heard of it before, but I was amazed by the selection of wares in what is basically an unassuming office building.

Wares @ J. B. Prince CompanyOnce we exited the elevator  it was like the Promised Land. The store is fully stocked with every appliance, gadget & kitchen aid that you cam dream of.  They obviously do a brisk commercial business as about half of the place is desks & agents manning the phone. We found a beautiful 9″ Chef’s knife which was perfectly balanced.  Obviously we walked around & perused the wares, including a rack of cookbooks that I was blown away by.

Books @ J. B. Prince CompanyWe knew we were in the right place as a local chef was buying gift certificates for his entire staff.  If you’re in the market for some stuff to round your kitchen out or want a bad:ass knife, check it out….


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