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Dim Sum Sunday At Sake Bar Satsko

Sake Bar Satsko will have a variety of dim sum on the menu every Sunday, 2pm to midnight. From a recent Facebook Update: Dim Sum Sunday starting this Sunday, October 14th. Pork & garlic chive / chili infused sauce Eggplant & tofu / soy sherry sauce Crispy shrimp balls / lime fish sauce Pork & […]

Ramen @ Sake Bar Satsko

It’s no secret that I have a real soft spot for Sake Bar Satsko (further info here), the tiny east village restaurant & bar that over the years has become my go to place for good times.  I found out last week that the owner, Satsko Watanabe has begun making Pork ($12) & Vegetable ($11) Ramen on […]

Sake Bar Satsko

I’m really surprised it’s taken me so long to write a review of Sake Bar Satsko (202 East 7th Street between Ave. B & C), particularly because I live across the street & seem to spend a lot of time eating & drinking there.  It’s a tiny sliver of a place & it took me […]

Satsko Now Serving Brunch

Well, it’s not really breaking news, but for the past few months Sake Bar Satsko (review) has been serving brunch on the weekends (not many people seem to know this).  I had a chance to go with some friends, so here’s the rundown.  The brunch menu at Satsko is a smaller version of their regular […]

Satsko Eldridge Closes

Sake Bar Satsko‘s more grownup & fancy sister, Satsko Eldridge (245 Eldridge St. between Houston & Stanton Street), has closed.  I knew business there has been slow for quite some time, but on Saturday the rumors were confirmed via a friend & today Bowery Boogie reveals that it’s due to nonpayment of taxes.

Satsko Wins Village Voice Nightlife Award

  Sake Bar Satsko (my review here) has been voted ‘Best Place for Dinner & a Hangover‘ by the Village Voice & Sound of the City.  Well, actually, it tied with some place called Roberta’s, but I don’t know where or what the heck that place is & I don’t really care.  I’ve been singing […]

Breaking; Satsko’s serving up Pork Ramen!

Ok, so it’s not really ‘Breaking News’ because I’ve been hearing it along the grapevine for a week & have even seen a Facebook status update or two regarding this matter, but Sake Bar Satsko (202 East 7th St. Previously reviewed here) will be offering up Pork Ramen Specials on the nights that owner, Sastsko […]