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Posted on | August 24, 2010 | 2 Comments

I had some coupons from InBundles so I took my parents to Zaitzeff (18 Avenue B between 2nd & 3rd streets).  I had been there before & tried the BLT, but this was my first time checking out the burgers.  It being a rainy Monday, the place really wasn’t busy.  I opted for the Quarter Pound Kobe Beef burger with avocado (my Mom got the same) & my Dad got the sliders.  The menu said Kobe, but I’m pretty sure that it was wagyū, not that I minded at all.  Although the place was pretty much empty, they were doing a brisk amount of deliveries so the wait for our burgers was kind of long.  However, once they arrived, we realized it was well worth the wait.  There was minimal seasoning on the beef, allowing us to salt/pepper to taste.  As with all kobe & wagyū the meat was really marbled which made the burger really juicy.

The burgers came on a Portugese muffin which was really light & airy.  It soaked up the juices from the burger perfectly.  Sautéed onions, tomato & lettuce (a bit too much in my opinion) rounded out the dish.  They don’t have a liquor license yet so we had to settle for soft drinks.  My Mom got a latte which was really good (I didn’t get the name of the coffee roaster, but our waiter said they’re from Italy)

I’m still a massive fan of Royale which I think has the best burger in the ‘hood but Zaitzeff is definitely nipping at their heels.  The avocado was really a nice touch & took my burger to a new level.  The fries were really nothing to write home about but I guess I’ll try the sweet potato fries next time.  Burgers also come in a half pound size, but honestly, unless you’re hella hungry, that’s going to be a lot of food.  We really enjoyed our meal & I will be going back there for more burger-iffic deliciousness.  I recommend that you do the same.

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