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Making The Korzo Burger

Posted on | December 4, 2010 | 2 Comments

You may have read my recent review of Korzo Haus (178 East 7th St. @ Avenue B), but I’d like to take a little time to talk in-depth about the Korzo Burger, a delicious deep fried cheeseburger that seems to be a favorite there.  The menu changes almost daily, but due to it’s popularity, the Korzo Burger is never off of the menu.  The process is not very complicated, but they put great care into both the making & ingredients of this bundle of joy.

It all begins with flame grilling the locally sourced Hudson Valley free-range beef which is normally done a bit rarer than usual.  Next the burgers are topped with apple smoked organic bacon, allgäuer emmenthaler cheese, house made mustard & dill pickle.

The cheeseburger (which is pretty much exactly what it is, just minus the bread) is wrapped in Langos dough.  Langos is a potato based Hungarian dough which is perfect for deep frying.

 A quick dip in hot oil & there you have it; the mouthwatering Korzo Burger, which to my knowledge is the only deep fried burger in the East Village.

Further Korzo Haus coverage here.


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