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Posted on | March 27, 2010 | No Comments

Normally, when I think of sushi, the last place I think to look is along St. Marks as there is so much to choose from in the area , but it was sort of early, so I met a friend at Je’Bon (15 St. Marks near 2nd Avenue). I had been there before for lunch a while back, so I knew the food wouldn’t kill us.  Je’Bon is yet another ultra-inexpensive, design-oriented, dance track blaring Asian restaurants that seem to be all the rage with college kids nowadays. As I said, it was early, so we arrived in the after lunch, pre-dinner lull.  We were the only ones there so service was no problem at all.

We both ended up ordering from the pre-dinner menu, 3 rolls for $13.  6 pieces each of Spicy Tuna, Eel Avocado & California Roll (I really hate to even call this monstrosity sushi).  There were several other selections in the same price range, but we both agreed that this was the best option.  $13 for 3 rolls is really not a bad deal at all.  I’ll admit that they were good, but not spectacular.  I really wasn’t that hungry & ended up taking half of them with me, but after getting home, I devoured the lot.

You pretty much get what you pay for here, decent sushi at a great price.  I’m not sure what the place would be like during a busy lunch or dinner service, but it was nice & quiet when we were there.  There’s a full bar with TV screen in the front & perhaps my favorite thing about the place is the graffiti in the Mens bathroom.  Someone was kind enough to scribble ‘Shit/Piss’ with a massive arrow pointing towards the toilet…  Classic!

Update (4/01/10); I recently revisited Je’Bon & got the Sashimi sampler.  8 bucks got you 8 pieces.  2 whitefish, 2 Tuna, 3 Salmon & one of those fake crab stick things cross-cut.  The whitefish was ok, the imitation crab disgusting & the tuna was passable, but a bit on the stringy side.  The real star of the dish was the salmon which was absolutely delicious!
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