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Does Groupon Mislead Customers?

I’m a sucker for those discount deal websites.  Yes, I get a dozen emails from them a day, but every once in a while I find something that I’m genuinely interested in.  As you can imagine, I lean towards the deals for restaurants in my area.  I’ve bought loads of these things and yes, plenty […]

Why I Love Pete Wells

I woke up today to find Pete Well’s NY Times Dining Section review of Guy Fieri’s Time Square restaurant featured heavily in my Twitter feed.  My dislike of ‘Chef‘ Fieri (real name: Guy Ramsay Ferry) is well known to most.  Maybe it’s the stupid haircut, the backwards glasses, his choice of adjectives, his inability to eat with […]

I’m Back!

Things have been a tad quiet lately on the East Village Eats blog lately.  Mainly because I was on my Annual camping trip in Colorado over Memorial Day Weekend.  22 Guys, 3 pop-ups, 3 tents, 1 camper, 4 kegs, a full band, 2 deer, 1 moose, 3 dogs & 130lbs of meat (40 of which […]


Tompkins Square Bagels wants you to support local biz! Awesome Art By VH McKenzie Photo by Suzanne Rozdeba via The Local East Village Tompkins Square Bagels: 165 Avenue A between 10th & 11th St.

99 Cent Pizza Taking Over The East Village?

An article last December by the New York City Economic Development Corporation (coverage by EV Grieve) showed that the 10003 zip code had the highest concentration of pizza shops in New York with 33.  Needless to say, we’re pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to pizza with excellent shops like Sal’s, Two Boots, Gruppo […]

The Mighty McRib

Personally, I hate McDonald’s.  I do, however, appreciate Ray Kroc’s vision in taking a page out of Henry Ford’s playbook & turning restaurants basically into Model T assembly lines.  Open Kitchens (Degustation, Cafe Gray, Peasant, etc.)? Ray Kroc invented that.  My main gripe with McDonald’s is that I’m fundamentally opposed to fast-food & my local […]

East Village Underrepresented At Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week (July 11th-24th, so technically not a week) is normally at time when I get giddy like a kid in a candy store, excited by all the possibilities of food I could otherwise not afford. $24.07 gets you lunch & $35.00 will mean a full 3 course dinner, what’s not to love?  So, looking […]

East Village Eats Tour Postponed!

News is scarce, but the Food Tour slated for this Saturday has been postponed till October.  I’ll post more info as it becomes available.  In recompense, Idle Hands will be offering free drinks this Saturday from 5-6.  Just show your Thrillist printout. Update: Ian Duncan digs up more info here.

Free Meatballs?

So I come home late last night after an epic 7 course Thursday Club NYC meal (on a Sunday when the Jets won no less!) & I collect my mail that has been festering in my mailbox for days.  Most of it is useless; bank statements, bills, junk mail etc.  Then something jumps out at […]

I’m Glad I’m Not The Only One That Doesn’t Like Butter Lane

I’ve been screaming to the Heavens & telling anyone who would listen about my dislike of Butter Lane‘s cupcakes.  I half expected there to be a backlash due to the fact that everyone seems to love the place.  Personally, I find them to be insanely sweet, not just ‘oh that’s a bit sweet‘, but more […]

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