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Golden Unicorn

Posted on | June 22, 2010 | No Comments

After my not-so-memorable experience at Dim Sum Go Go a while back, I decided to return to Golden Unicorn (18 East Broadway at Bowery/Catherine Slip) with some family for some midweek Dim Sum.  Nestled inside what looks like a nondescript office building, you really need to keep an eye out or you’ll miss the place.

It can fill up fast (the concierge/doorman (although they’re almost always women) will normally let you know which of the two floors you should go to), so we arrived around noon to make sure we got a table & access to the full menu (come too late & certain items are sold out).  The tables are large, clean & the service is generally pretty good.  Flagging down the roving food carts can cause some trouble during busier times, but it’s all part of the appeal, I think.  We sat down, ordered a few beers & decided where to begin.

There is no real menu per say, but the many carts do have pretty accurate descriptions of the dishes. Siumai & dumplings were the way to go & we weren’t going to let that cart out of our sight!  We sampled  while gulping down bottles of Tsingtao.  The ladies pushing the carts must be working on commission or something because they can be excellent salespeople!

We decided to try something a little out of the ordinary; Steamed Chicken Feet.  I’ve had it before & liked it (I’ve never had Chicken Feet anywhere else), but it’s not for everyone.  Covered in a sticky, sweet sauce, it is very gelatinous & the texture (plus the tiny bones) often put people off, but we enjoyed them!  If you’re feeling brave, I highly recommend this tasty dish!

We rounded out our meal with more beer & Steamed Rice w/Pork wrapped in a Lotus Leaf.  By this time we were pretty stuffed.  Once our bill (a pretty illegible sheet covered in ticks & tallies) was finally added up, it turned out to be very affordable (particularly considering we drank quite a bit of beer).  Just one warning; beware of ordering too much food at once, things get cold & you tend to fill up far faster than you expected!
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