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Back Forty

Posted on | September 1, 2010 | No Comments

I reviewed the brunch at Back Forty (190 Avenue B @ 12th Street) back in March, so I decided that it was time for me to get some dinner there.  I went with my Mom midweek, so we luckily didn’t have to wait for a table even though the place was busy.  We got the same awesome waiter from the time I had gone for brunch & he remembered me (most likely because we were all drinking like fishes).  Obviously we opted for the Pork Jowl Nuggets ($4) which I absolutely love.  They’re a must when you go to Back Forty.  They are insanely tender with a delicious crunchy outside. The spicy sauce really rounds the dish out.  Needless to say, my Mom & I got into a fork ‘sword fight’ over the 3rd nugget.  Civility triumphed & we split it down the middle.

With the ‘nugget incident’ settled, we moved on to the entrees.  Mom-dukes got the Lemon & Coriander Rubbed Roast Chicken ($17) which came with Crispy Red Potatoes & Cipollini onions.  The portion was massive!  I’m really not sure what they were feeding this monstrous fowl (note that Chef Peter Hoffman prides himself in sourcing local & sustainable ingredients, so I doubt it was eating steroid-laden feed).

I got the Grilled Catskill Trout ($19) which came with Chickpea Puree, Tumeric Dressing & Sauteed Carrots.  I’ve been on a real grilled whole fish kick as of late, so I’ll admit that I really enjoyed this dish.  The puree was really damn good.  I really wasn’t that interested in the carrots at all & honestly, I could have done without them altogether.

I was forced into getting dessert (I really didn’t put up much of a fight), so we got the Apple Pie w/Ice Cream (price unknown, it’s no longer on the menu).  Nothing special about this dish, but it was good.

Dinner at Back Forty matched my expectations based on the brunch I had had there.  I really enjoyed the meal.


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