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Posted on | September 1, 2010 | No Comments

With NYU students coming back to the hood in massive throngs (have you seen Third Avenue?  It’s a gigantic clusterfuck!  No, really…), I’ve decided to start reviewing bars as well.  What goes better with food than booze?  If there’s anything I know better than where to eat, it’s where to get hammered.

Obviously this is a shameless attempt to get a larger share of Google search results & make a mint off of the 0.2 cents I get from every pageview on my site.  After all, 18 year olds from Westchester need to know where to get booze in the East Village, right?  I’ll be instituting at 0-5 ‘mug’ rating system to put the bars in perspective.  Note that I love bars with absolutely no ambiance, sketchy customers & questionable sanitation policies, so expect to find plenty of East Village dive bars in the mix (we’re spoiled for choice).  If you’re looking for a romantic place to sip gin martinis, keep on walking.  They’ll be listed under the new ‘Bar’ Category; more to follow….


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