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Late Night at Cafetasia East

Posted on | October 16, 2010 | No Comments

Totally starving after doing some heavyweight drinking in the neighborhood on a typical Thursday night, my brother & I went to Cafetasia East (85 Avenue A between 5th & 6th streets) an old favorite of ours.  We arrived shortly before midnight & the staff were pretty much closing up shop.  Luckily, they were nice enough to seat us.

I’ve never really ordered from the full menu, so everything seemed new to be.  The main section of menu is split into 3 section; small ($4-5), medium ($6-8) & large ($9), perfect for sharing.  They also have noodles, rice dishes & a selection of main dishes.  We started with a special which was a salad containing ground chicken, red onions & peppers, nice & spicy.

We moved on to the Golden Scallop, breaded & fried bay scallops that came with an amazingly good wasabi mayo.  These were both small dishes that only got us hungrier as we waited for the main dishes.  We also got the Tom Yum fried rice with shrimp.  It was reasoned with lemongrass, mushroom, cilantro, scallion, and lemongrass chili pure.

I thought that it was good, but the shrimp were slightly overcooked.  We finished the meal with a chicken curry dish (the name escapes me at the moment) which was delicious by itself but served the dual purpose of really bringing the meal together.  The scallops were great by themselves, but the other 3 dishes, when spooned onto your plate & eaten together (particularly the sauce from the curry) were extremely good.  If there’s one dish I could have gone without, it would have been the chicken salad which really only tasted of chili & little else.

Our meal at Cafetasia was pretty good & really didn’t break the bank at all.  Keep up the good work guys!
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