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There’s nothing more satisfying than good BBQ. That feeling of happiness with a stomach full of smoked meat & sticky hands. I don’t eat as much BBQ as I’d like (I reviewed Hill Country recently), but I will admit that this is one of my favorite places.

Hill Country

After the restaurant my sister selected for a lunch date turned out to be a complete disaster, I decided to take the reins & choose where we’d eat.  After a few suggestions via Twitter, Hill Country in Chelsea got the nod.  Once you enter the place, it’s almost as if you’ve been transported to Texas. […]

Pongsri Thai Restaurant

There are very few reasons to leave my beloved East Village, but the promise of a workday lunch with my sister had to trekking up to Chelsea.  She chose the venue, so we headed to Pongsri (165 West 23rd St. at 7th Avenue).  From the outside, it looks like any bland midtown lunch spot.  Once […]

Frying Pan

I got a chance to check out Frying Pan (26th Street & Hudson River Park) the Lightship of the same name & sprawling barge Bar & Restaurant a few weeks ago.  It was well worth the wait; a sunny but not too hot mid-April Friday afternoon & luckily the place was no too busy (something […]