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Frying Pan

Posted on | May 3, 2010 | 1 Comment

I got a chance to check out Frying Pan (26th Street & Hudson River Park) the Lightship of the same name & sprawling barge Bar & Restaurant a few weeks ago.  It was well worth the wait; a sunny but not too hot mid-April Friday afternoon & luckily the place was no too busy (something that I can imagine will change drastically once the weather warms up).

After sitting at the rather sparse bar for a bit, we ordered a bucket of Cornonas (6 for $30) & headed to the end of the barge which overlooks New Jersey.  NJ is really not somewhere that I imagined having a good time looking at, but we were also able to see helicopters landing at the nearby helipad & a rather large cruise ship.

This having been nearing the end of April, there was only a limited menu, so we had Hot Dogs & Fries (see above), which were good, but not remarkable.  The real winner hear was the slow motion of the boat, relatively inexpensive beers & the option to check out the scenery (the people more-so than New Jersey!)

I returned a week or so later & was told that the full menu would go into effect on May 1st.  We got burgers & more beer this time; they undercooked our burgers at first, but then remedied the problem!  Again, another great outing to the Frying Pan!

A Cruise Ship passes by.

The bathrooms can prove tricky to the unwary/drunk.

Try the French Fries!
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